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Selling Avon in the 21st Century

Wednesday, April 15 2015

Does the thought of being an Avon Representative today, make you reminisce about the olden days? Do you remember when the Avon lady would visit your Mom or Grandma with her basket (or suitcase in my experience) full of all the latest and greatest that Avon had to offer? What was in that basket? Do you remember? Well the Avon Lady that used to come to my Grandma's house reminded me a little of Mary Poppins. She had this large black bag and it was full of way more things than I would have thought could ever fit in the bag. She'd pull everything from perfumes in every scent, cosmetics, knickknacks, seasonal items and decor, jewelry pieces galore, and much much more out of that black treasure trove she toted around. There were times I often wondered how it would all fit back in the bag. Luckily I think my Mom and Grandma were her best customers because very few pieces ever went back into the bag. Back in that day, Avon had something called "Territories." What this meant is the Avon Representative had a specific geographic area in which she was allowed to sell, normally this consisted of maybe a couple block radius. As the Representative increased her sales performance, she would sometimes be given another territory to expand into. Because of the territorial boundaries though, it made it very difficult for the Avon Lady to sell to someone she may have known who live in another Avon Representative's territory. That left a bad taste in the mouth of many Representatives which resulted in many of them not sticking around very long. Let's Flash forward to today...2015...the 21st Century...129 years since Avon was born. Today's AVON and today's Avon Representative have evolved into a brand new way of conducting business. Many things have changed over the years and Avon is not your Grandmother's company anymore! Sure enough though, grannies of all ages do love them some Avon Products and we Representatives still enjoy sharing the newest offerings from Avon with our customers. But we just do it a lot differently then our former Avon lady's have done. In my opinion, we are working smarter not harder these days! First, Avon abolished the territories, I believe it was in the early 80s. For at least the last three decades, Avon Representative's across the United States have been free of territorial borders and have been able to sell their goods to anyone they choose. With the advancement of technology today, U.S. Representatives with Avon can now sell their products to anyone in any of the 50 states. In addition to removing territories, the emergence of the internet has also afforded Avon Representatives the opportunity to market the Avon Products and opportunities all across America, online through their own personal Avon e-Store website. With all this advancing technology and removal of the boundaries, Avon has opened up so many more opportunities for those wishing to become Avon Representatives today. Next, today's fast paced family does not have the time they had in the olden days to spend oodles of time every two weeks visiting for hours on end with their Avon Representative, seeing all the new items first hand from the black bag of wonders. Although there are still many people today that love to see, touch, feel, smell and try a product before their purchase, many just don't have a lot of extra time these days. This has been another benefit for today's Avon Representative. Gone are the days where the Avon Representative has to have a gazillion products on hand to show and sell. Instead, many of the Representatives today carry only a few of the newest items, if any, just for the chance that perhaps one of their customers may have just a few extra minutes to see them. The brochures we use today are of such high quality that the products appear just as visually stunning as they do in person. Today more Representatives buy just a few items in which they themselves wear to show off to their customers. Although there are still some out there, for the most part, the Avon Reps today are no longer classified as their own "best customers." Instead these Representatives are more frugal in there spending and try to plan out each campaign more carefully to only get a few items that are expected to be hot sellers. But like I said, there are many that purchase no demonstration products at all either, thus creating a larger bottom line for their business. Finally, Avon has changed into a Company for the future. The company is taking giant leaps forward into taking the concerns of Avon Representatives in account and trying to create a company that not only is profitable but also pays close attention to its people, its philosophies and its organization as a whole. They have stepped up the Leadership program, are offering Representatives lucrative bonus opportunities, protecting the planet by going green in many many ways, and continuing to support such important causes for Women around the world such as domestic violence and breast cancer awareness. In fact, AVON is the largest corporate supporter of the Breast Cancer cause in the world. Why is this important to you? Well, have you ever thought of becoming an Avon Representative? If so, when you first heard the word "AVON" did you think back to times of yesteryear? Or are you up on all the advances Avon has made such as those I've detailed above? Many I talk to and ask if they would be interested in an income opportunity with Avon still mention "territories," "boundaries" or that Avon is just not for them. But when I ask why, they tell me a story about something that no longer exists in the company. So I ask you, if you are looking for a way to earn an extra $500 - $1000 or more per month, have the ambition to put 100% into your work and ready to commit to a company that is a household name, cares for its people and its environment, and has put a lot of money on the table; why not give Avon a try? I think you'll be amazed at the New 21st Century AVON today! How to Become a 21st Century Avon Representative: It's quite simple and painless to join Avon. For just a nominal $15 fee you can start a business of your dreams. What are your dreams? Do you dream of a day when you can tell the boss to "Take this Job and Shove It?" or Maybe you are already unemployed and don't need to go to that extreme. Perhaps, you've wanted to visit some faraway land, a tropical paradise, or take your entire family on a week long cruise to the Mediterranean. Whatever your dreams are, Avon could be the answer to help you achieve them. So, don't delay...if anything here has spoken to you, please follow the steps below to start your journey as the Avon Representative of Today! 1. Go to 2. Enter Avon Reference Code: WWELLER 3. Fill out the registration form, agree to the terms & conditions, and pay your registration fee. Within about a week your starter kit will be mailed to you in addition to a Welcome to AVON packet from me.